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The movement practice

What is Primal?

I, Nick Brewer, created this training for people who, like me, love movement, and want to push themselves and experiment with the positive impact of standing on their hands.

The primarily multi-joint, multi-planar, closed kinetic chain movements develop a physicality that is stable, strong and mobile with excellent muscle tone.

This group experience is about showing up and working hard regardless of your level.


Joint Mobility

Improve joints stability with a range of non-linear movements that will challenge balance, mobility and flexibility


Extend physical longevity through quadrupedal movement that offer benefits often not experienced in a modern-day gym workout with improved motor coordination and inversion training

Body Intelligence

It is a form of mind-body movement, developing intelligence in our somatic nervous system as we crawl.

Studio Classes

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Level 1

Primal Movement

The first series works through the fundamentals, building a strong foundation by restoring posture, conditioning the body, stabilising joints, improving motor coordination, improving conscious movement perception, and preparing the hands, wrists and shoulders for the progressive inversions in the second series.
Level 2

Primal Progressions

Once the body has become conditioned and awareness of moving across the floor has improved, the progression to inversions begins. Inversions are a trained skill set trained through repetition so pattern recognition is built and the confidence to load weight on the hands grows.
Level 3

Primal Pro

Is advanced training working on physical skill sets. All the dynamic flows and transitions from four limbs to static inversions are trained effortlessly as alignment, strength, flexibility, mobility and body awareness is mastered. This series is more based on physical skill sets after a strong foundation has been built.

Keep your movement routine everywhere

Online Practice

The online platform has been designed around mat based Primal movement. There are 10, 20 and 40 minute sessions that can be practiced from anywhere, anytime with very little space and no equipment. The sessions cover everything from strength, mobility, flexibility, rehabilitation and skill sets.
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The founder

Nick Brewer

I am the Founder of the Movement space ‘Primal Moves’ in Ibiza which has become home for a large community of movers from an array of back grounds. This community is now spreading across the Americas and Europe. Professional Hand Balancers, performing Artists and Yogis, mums and dads have been enjoying the vast benefits that come from this practice.

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Big thanks to @miguel_hand_balance and his family for inviting us to the farm deep in Brazilian campo, it was more than a training but an experience. The space, the food, the fluidity of the group. When this happens, Flow state happens and the learning and growth is exponential. Can’t wait to come back 🤸‍♀️🤍
In my happy place at the farm with @miguel_hand_balance
Observing the above is helping me keep shit together as I’m pushing my way into my early 50’s and very happily so. 

Those 7 simple daily observations based on my 3 Pillars help me to navigate through the mine field of Heath and wellness 

In my pursuit of physical longevity, And Ideally I’d like to be hanging out on one arm for the next 20 to 30 years it will need a little mindfulness around how I live my life

The only free advice I would offer to anyone is don’t take the your governments advice on staying fit and healthy, they don’t have your best interests at heart. 

Sadly In todays world we are starved of so much goodness and pleasure and manipulated into what we should and shouldn’t be doing and eating

If it’s not growing naturally out of the ground or eating from it, I wouldn’t  eat it. If it’s in a plastic packet, or anything synthetic I would avoid it. The plant and animal world of nutrition are heavily intoxicated. So sourcing food is key as it’s nutrition that is leading to autoimmune deficiency, disease and illness. 

There is a Lack of general physical movement in most of us, bodies don’t discriminate, if you don’t use them they will degenerate, the more they get used the happier they are. Just as little as 30 minutes a day doing some form of movement is enough to keep our bodies checked in. 

A little exposure to the blue sky and moderate sun does wonders for us, looking at blue sky in the morning helps to dump melatonin and brings on the happy serotonin, a little sun when it’s out will give heaps of vit D and boost your immune system. 

And most of all we have forgotten how to breath in a mindful way. The simple act of breathing can reduce most stressors that accumulate in the day down regulating our all ready over loaded nervous systems. 

It doesn’t need much but just a little of each help to maintain our overall wellness and being the optimal version of yourself 

Don’t stop moving 🤸‍♀️🐒
The benefits of this practice are many, the bi product is you’ll end up standing on either one arm or two. 

In my experience it has to be one of the most embodied mind body connected practices I’ve ever worked on. There is no thought just feeling

In the book of physical moves it’s probably the most repetitive one. Through the 1000’s of sets needed it works on plasticity that builds pattern recognition so that it becomes an involuntary move, where by you aren’t thinking any more about how, why or where you should be but just feeling through the neuromuscular pathways as the body searches for balance creating muscle memory. 

How much information and theory should be downloaded versus how much practice should be done is a good question. Pattabhi Jois the founder of Ashtanga Yoga says 99% practice and 1% theory. I have found with this method works with this practice.

Add in all the anatomical variables of hands, elbows, Shoulders, spine and hips, there is no one size fits all as it’s a physically personalised practice that depends on where your anatomy is on the day 

Then there are the numerous physiological benefits of postural training, the release of the many natural happy chemicals. Being inverted for extended periods of time helping increased blood flow, the training of discipline, focus, patience and being confronted and challenged by yourself, addictions, perfection,  obsession in your quest for standing in that perfect inverted line which can be highly rewarding that many give up on along the way as progress can be slow with long plateaus and many walls to climb. 

Years of training, thousands of sets compressed into maybe 20 seconds of freedom. That’s quite a journey
The magic that goes on everyday at Primal Moves Ibiza 🤍

Video by @nickpescetto
Enough said 🤍🐒🤸‍♀️ Primal Moves with @facumoves
Primal Play 🐒
Sometimes less is more, a simple flow is enough to check in. I still love some of the Vinyasa flows and integrate them into my daily coaching and practice  Check out ⬇️ for daily mat base workouts 

primalmoves.com 🐒
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